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Bots can’t name your business or product properly.

Crowds are even more maddening.

But if securing a knockout name is important to you, and you don’t have the kabillion-dollar naming budget of the big brands, there is good news for you, my friend, lurking just around the corner. Happy news lurking just beneath the fold…



Company naming example

Looking to penetrate the American app development market, partners in Seattle, Tennessee and Romania joined forces to launch a new company. But they needed a name that spoke to both aspects of their unique value proposition: quality programming and aesthetic panache. The result: a name that continues to win raves, not only from clients but even from competitors.


Company naming example

For Los Angeles’ most well-heeled and discerning homeowners, this premier provider of relocation coordination and home organization services needed a name that would solidify its leadership brand. Thanks to this estate-quality created name (a Latin-inspired portmanteau that simultaneously calls back to the role of majordomo), the company now enjoys a marketplace identity befitting its solid gold reputation.



Company naming example

Two cannabis powerhouses, the leader in marijuana genotyping and the leader in indoor farming, joined forces to create the ultimate source for clean clones and reliable, iconic strains. They turned to Silverman for support with positioning and naming. The result is an edgy name that captures both product purity and the company’s innovative edge. Most importantly, Conception™ is a name prospects and partners don’t soon forget.


Company naming example

This developer and integrator of Intuit’s QuickBase needed to break through the noise with a name that not only captures the essence of what they do, but also the joy and energy with which they do it. The new Sympo® name enabled the company to better connect and engage with its targets, to break free if its parent, and to book millions more in revenue along the way.



Company and app naming example

EdCaliber of Portland, Orgeon, an EdTech revolutionary, had created the world’s most robust curriculum platform for teachers. They turned to Silverman for positioning and naming support, as well as full website content development. Together with a tagline that nails the company’s heart-centered promise (“Prepare to inspire”), the new brand identity not only helped the company secure more leads and sales, they secured deals with major industry publishers.


App naming example

When this marketing veteran and serial entrepreneur needed a name for a new app venture, they knew they could rely on Silverman’s process and track record of naming success. Presented with “too many high-quality creative options” to choose from, the partners ultimately settled on the Parfecta name. Combining the world of golf with the world of competition, the coined name answered to both partners’ brand objectives.


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You already know a powerful brand identity begins with a rock solid company name. And you know how a unique, professional-sounding brand name increases memorability and enhances perceptions of value. So, if you’ve got your heart set on a winning name, consider putting my 25+ year reputation (see the testimonials) to work for you.

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Consistently great naming is hard. (Maybe that’s why I love it so much!)

Consistently cool, clever and catchy naming requires even more than wordsmith-ery and brand strategy chops. To arrive at a name that fills you with pride and joy, you need someone who understands just how much of your marketing success is riding on this, someone who goes all-in to give you a giant leg up. Call or shoot me an email today. Because when entrepreneurs eschew the big naming agencies in favor of this Los Angeles small business naming consultant, they wind up calling themselves… lucky.