• Name louder.


Cool names for cool people
doing cool things

Bots can’t name your business or product properly.

Crowds are even more maddening.

But if securing a knockout name is important to you, and you don’t have the kabillion-dollar naming budget of the big brands, there is good news for you, my friend, lurking just around the corner. Happy news lurking just beneath the fold…

More company name kickassery. Less cheese.

You already know a powerful brand identity begins with a rock solid company name. And you know how a unique, professional-sounding brand name increases memorability and enhances perceptions of value. So, if you’ve got your heart set on a winning name, consider putting my 25+ year reputation (see the testimonials) to work for you.

25+ years’

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Consistently great naming is hard. (Maybe that’s why I love it so much!)

Consistently cool, clever and catchy naming requires even more than wordsmith-ery and brand strategy chops. To arrive at a name that fills you with pride and joy, you need someone who understands just how much of your marketing success is riding on this, someone who goes all-in to give you a giant leg up. Call or shoot me an email today. Because when entrepreneurs eschew the big naming agencies in favor of this Los Angeles small business naming consultant, they wind up calling themselves… lucky.