Portland, Oregon: naming agency services for small businesses

Portland naming agency services are provided remotely by Los Angeles-based Names&Naming, a spin-off of Scott Silverman’s branding consultancy, Articulated Brands®. While I certainly don’t mind making the trip to PDX, it’s important to remember that most creative naming assignments can be completed via email and phone. If you’re open to working with someone who isn’t from these parts, I warmly invite you to reach out. I’m also looking to forge dynamic creative collaborations with Portland marketing agencies, graphic designers and website development companies. Hit me up!

Portland naming

Since this website page is about Portland naming, it seems appropriate to talk about the naming of Portland, Oregon itself.

Naming Portland wasn’t a creative name assignment that just happened to land in the inbox of some lucky branding agency or into the lap of some ambitious freelance naming consultant. Of course not! As is the case with the derivation of most city names, learning more about Portland naming starts with a quick peek into the city’s history. In this case, two of the city’s founders each wanted it to be named after his own hometown. One was from Boston, Massachusetts. The other was from Portland, Maine. Guess which one won the coin-toss.

Incidentally, many people wonder how Portland earned the nickname Stumptown. Around 1847, the city was experiencing such massive growth, people would fell the trees but fail to remove the stumps. Apparently, instead of arriving to storied lush forests, visitors would encounter acre up on acre of stumps. Ergo, the moniker.

Today, if we’re naming Portland claims-to-fame, no list would be complete without mentioning its chill vibe, its coffee houses and microbreweries, its verdant parks, walkways and bikeways, as well as its progressive, eco-conscious mindset.

Not just Portland name consulting, positioning and branding! Bend, Eugene and Salem brand naming, too!

When Portland’s businesses need cool and catchy company name ideas, unique product name ideas, positioning and branding consulting, as well as copywriting, design and other creative support, they can count on Names & Naming and my brand consultancy, Articulated Brands®, which operates out of Los Angeles. But businesses in Oregon’s other big cities, especially small businesses in Salem, Eugene and Bend also need help naming and branding. So long as you don’t mind working via telephone and email, I’m happy to serve as your Bend, Eugene and Salem brand agency, too.

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