Fort Worth, Texas: naming agency services for small businesses

Fort Worth naming agency services are provided remotely by Los Angeles-based Names&Naming, a spin-off of Scott Silverman’s branding consultancy, Articulated Brands®. While I certainly don’t mind making the trip to DFW, it’s important to remember that most creative naming assignments can be completed via email and phone. If you’re open to working with someone who isn’t from these parts, I warmly invite you to reach out. I’m also looking to forge dynamic creative collaborations with Fort Worth marketing agencies, graphic designers and website development companies. Hit me up!

Fort Worth naming

Since this website page is about Fort Worth naming, it seems appropriate to talk about the naming of Fort Worth, Texas itself.

Naming Fort Worth didn’t begin with a positioning brief, a naming brief or any of the other tools of the brand name trade. Of course not. To understand more about Fort Worth naming we need only take a glimpse into the city’s rich history. In 1849, the city was established as a military outpost. When it was time to name the city, it was decided the honor should be given to General William J. Worth who was commander of the Texas Army. Historically the center of the longhorn cattle trade, the vibrancy of today’s Fort Worth is measured not in heads of cattle, but heads of people. Population surged 42% between 2000 and 2013 according to a 2014 census report, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area continues to be one of the United States’ fastest growing metropolitan areas.

Not just Fort Worth name consulting, positioning and branding! Houston, Austin, El Paso and Dallas brand naming, too!

When Fort Worth’s businesses need cool and catchy company name ideas, unique product name ideas, positioning and branding consulting, as well as copywriting, design and other creative support, they can count on Names & Naming and my brand consultancy, Articulated Brands®, which operates out of Los Angeles. But businesses in Texas’ other big cities, especially small businesses in Dallas, Houston, Austin and El Paso, also need help naming and branding. So long as you don’t mind working via telephone and email, I’m happy to serve as your Houston, Austin, El Paso and Dallas brand agency, too.

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