San Antonio, Texas: naming agency services for small businesses

San Antonio naming agency services are provided remotely by Los Angeles-based Names&Naming, a spin-off of Scott Silverman’s branding consultancy, Articulated Brands®. While I certainly don’t mind making the trip to SAT, it’s important to remember that most creative naming assignments can be completed via email and phone. If you’re open to working with someone who isn’t from these parts, I warmly invite you to reach out. I’m also looking to forge dynamic creative collaborations with San Antonio marketing agencies, graphic designers and website development companies. Hit me up!

San Antonio naming

Since this website page is about San Antonio naming, it seems appropriate to talk about the naming of San Antonio, Texas itself.

Naming San Antonio didn’t begin with a positioning brief, a naming brief or a giant pot of coffee. Of course not! While professional naming is the path taken for most products and by brand-savvy companies, city names tend to come into being as a result of their unique histories and founders. In the case of San Antonio naming, San Antonio was founded in 1718 when a Spanish expedition of missionaries established the Mission San Antonio de Valero, named in honor St. Anthony of Padua, which later came to be known as The Alamo. (Incidentally, the phrase “Remember the Alamo” is a tribute to the Texas demonstration of heroic resistance in a fight for independence; the Texans lost the 1836 battle to General Santa Anna’s Mexican troops but found symbolic meaning in the strength of the stand. Later, Sam Houston and 800 men would defeat Santa Anna’s 1500-strong army at San Jacinto with the rallying cry, “Remember the Alamo!”) If we’re naming San Antonio must-do’s today, the list includes not only the Alamo, but the nearby Riverwalk, its Mexican cuisine, its family-friendly museums and outdoor activities and its bars and nightclubs.

Not just San Antonio name consulting, positioning and branding! Amarillo, El Paso, Houston and Dallas brand naming, too!

When San Antonio’s businesses need cool and catchy company name ideas, unique product name ideas, positioning and branding consulting, as well as copywriting, design and other creative support, they can count on Names & Naming and my brand consultancy, Articulated Brands®, which operates out of Los Angeles. But businesses in other Texas cities, especially small businesses in Dallas, Houston, El Paso and Amarillo also need help naming and branding. So long as you don’t mind working via telephone and email, I’m happy to serve as your Amarillo, El Paso, Houston and Dallas brand agency, too.

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