San Francisco, California: naming agency services for small businesses

San Francisco naming agency services are typically provided remotely by Los Angeles-based Names&Naming, a spin-off of Scott Silverman’s branding consultancy, Articulated Brands®. While I certainly enjoy flying up to SFO or OAK, it’s important to remember that most creative naming assignments can be completed via email and phone. If you’re open to working with someone who’s based in LaLa Land, I warmly invite you to reach out. (I’m also looking to forge dynamic creative collaborations with San Diego marketing agencies, graphic designers and website development companies. Hit me up!)

San Francisco naming

Since this website page is about San Francisco naming, it seems appropriate to talk about the naming of San Francisco, California itself.

Naming San Francisco wasn’t the result of a big-ticket name generation assignment awarded to one of the area’s fancy brand agencies. No, as with the tracing the history of most city names, knowing more about San Francisco naming starts with taking just a brief glimpse into the city’s past. While the settlement was originally called Yerba Buena (the Spanish name for many mint-related herbs), the city was named in 1776 after Saint Francis of Assisi. (Incidentally, while today’s locals typically reject the too-cool-for-school “Frisco,” nobody seems to mind simply referring to it as the city. “City by the Bay” provides an even more apt and concrete moniker, but that’s more of a term of affection than something you would actually call it.) If you’re naming San Francisco claims-to-fame, get a cosmopolitan and progressive mindset on the list, then add bridges, skyscrapers, delicious eats, rain/fog, crazy curvy Lombard Street and Tony Bennett, who apparently left his heart there.

Not just San Francisco name consulting, positioning and branding! San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley and Sacramento brand naming, too!

When San Francisco’s businesses need cool and catchy company name ideas, unique product name ideas, positioning and branding consulting, as well as copywriting, design and other creative support, they can count on Names & Naming and my brand consultancy, Articulated Brands®, which operates out of Los Angeles. But businesses in other big California cities, especially small businesses in Sacramento, San Jose, Berkeley and Oakland also need help naming and branding. So long as you don’t mind working via telephone and email, I’m happy to serve as your San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley and Sacramento brand agency, too.

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